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Winter Update #1

Friday, December 14th @ 10 am EDT marks the beginning of a series of really, really exciting shop updates! Over the next few months, we will be offering kit pre-orders for Knits About Winter projects, new yarns, and old favourites too.


Update #1 features


Eastwind Kit Prices are as follows…

Size 1 $278 / Size 2 $352 / Size 3 $388 / Size 4 $462

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

NOTE: There is errata for Mohair Lace yarn amounts for Eastwind. We have taken this into account and are including more mohair to compensate. Rest assured, we do not want you to run out of yarn. The very thought of that is terrifying! Smart maths people are checking out the numbers now and we will make further adjustments if necessary. Stay tuned 😘

…and here’s a peek at our Eastwind Kits

…and here’s a peek at our Eastwind Kits


A quick reminder that we have had to raise our prices recently. Some yarn prices may be higher than you remember, but please know that we have done our best to keep costs fair for you and for us. Prices above are in Canadian Dollars. Kit prices will be announced shortly.