we're hosting an OPEN DAY in Mooresburg on July 28th from 10 am to 5 pm!

take a peek behind the scenes at Viola HQ! Tour our dye studio and browse our yarns in person. Yarn sniffing encouraged. More info coming soon!



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we're hosting a...


living and working in a former store understandably confuses passers by...

We have grown accustom to cars slowing down to peer inside, occasionally stopping to ask questions. Viola's Head Quarters looks like a shop, because it was a general store all the way into the 1970s. Some folks who stop by are curious, I think some just want to buy a chocolate bar, and others are dissapointed that we aren't a proper wool shop (sorry!)

Because we know how lousy it is to tease you with a wool store that isn't really a wool store, we have decided to stock the shelves and open up our doors for one day this summer! Fondle Viola yarns in person (sniffing encouraged), knit, chat about knitting, knit with other knitters, explore the dye studio and old store and of course enjoy tea and cake!

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