have a question? send us an e mail at hello@violaandthemoon.com, but please read through our FAQs, and Shipping & Handling information before you do.

We will answer you as promptly as possible and please keep in mind that Viola is a very small business that is operated by a well-intentioned, but extremely busy creative person who is not blessed with efficient business abilities. It is my nature that allows me to dream up colours, projects and ideas, but holds me back in more practical areas. In short, If I were more organized, Viola would be pretty darn boring for me and for you.

That said, I do not want your experience with Viola to be frustrating or confusing in any way. If you have noticed something (anything) unusual in a product listing, shipping charge, information I have shared, etc. just let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible. I appreciate your feedback, understanding, and your kindness always. I will always be fair as possible and hope to be treated the same way.

VIOLA is based in Mooresburg (Southwestern Ontario, CANADA).

Even though we live and work in a general store, we are not a shop (very sorry for the confusion).