I am delighted, amazed and honoured to announce that Knits About Winter is now available in a second edition! Heartfelt thanks goes out to all who supported and enjoyed Knits About Winter last year. To be honest, I am still coming to grips with the fact that I made this book and remain so proud of the work involved, its patterns, thoughts, stories and ideas. The second edition features an expanded range of sizes for each garment, errata fixes and a couple more new details.

We are now shipping out the 2nd Edition when you purchase Knits About Winter from our store. If you own a copy of the first edition, you can update to the digital second edition through your Ravelry Library. If you didn’t realize that you have a digital download code, just peek inside the cover of your copy (could be front or back) to find it.

We’re celebrating the reprint with big SHOP UPDATE as well as a KAL, co-hosted with lovely Pom Pom Press!

A shop update is happening on Friday, October 25th @ 10pm EDT, wahoo!!

The KAL is all set to kick off at the end of October, and will be hosted in Pom Pom’s Ravelry group. It’s time to start planning our winter knits! Our shop update on the 25th is a well timed opportunity to scoop some yarn for your KAL project!


Knits About Winter is a printed collection of 12 knitting patterns created in collaboration with friends, Pom Pom Press and originally published in Autumn of 2018. Inspired by the quiet mystery of winter, and the magical, yet harsh landscape I have discovered in VIOLA’s rural home of Mooresburg. The place that is now called Mooresburg is located in Grey County, Southwestern Ontario, Canada, which is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe Nations. Over the years, much of the wild spaces around Mooresburg have been replaced with farms, yet pockets of forest remain and reveal hints of their wisdom and magic. 

Something about winter’s quiet has always made it my favourite season. It is a cherished time of turning in, reflecting, exploring creative ideas and keeping up with the maintenance and meditation of staying warm. Clearing snow never feels like a chore, but rather a cherished opportunity to breathe cold, fresh air and watch light sparkle and move in the snow. 

Each of the projects in Knits About Winter are inspired by winter’s subtle beauty and are infused with my deep love for the season. As you select your yarns, plan your projects, bring them to life and eventually wear these designs, I hope that you are able to discover some of the hidden magic and beauty in my favourite season. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever winter means to you, I hope that you enjoy this book as well as the season’s offering of rest and contemplation.

We’re offering a weekend of workshops in Mooresburg February 7th to 9th of 2020!

It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the inspiration for and setting of Knits About Winter first hand. More details coming very soon.