Q . Where did Viola’s name come from?

Both of my grandmothers were called Viola and knitting was amongst their many talents. When my mum, Jill, suggested the name Viola, we both knew it was the perfect choice. Neither of my grandmas lived to see Viola become a successful business, but I like to think they approve of the name.

Q . Your shop is empty. How can I buy your yarn?

Viola yarn is available through online shop updates. Updates are scheduled for a specific date and time, and can sell out quickly. In the time between updates, the shop may sit empty or with very little yarn available. See below to learn more about shop updates and how they work.

Q . How do shop updates work anyway?

Shop updates are announced through our email newsletter, instagram and our Ravelry group. Each announcement will include the scheduled date and time of the upcoming update. To sign up for the newsletter, simply enter your email address in the form at the bottom of this page (to learn more about the newsletter, please see below). Leading up to the scheduled update, we will share a full list of the yarns and kits (if applicable) that as well as some previews of colours that will be available. We are not able to preview all colours. All yarns will be added to our online shop at the specific date and time that has been scheduled. It is important to be ready on time, especially if there is something specific you would like to purchase in the update. Shop updates happen when we have dyed a good selection of bases and colours and so they are not often at regular intervals. Keeping an eye out for newsletters is the best way to be informed of all upcoming updates.

Q. What can I expect to receive in the newsletter?

Most newsletters will announce shop updates. These will contain a specific date and time for the update and a list of the yarns that will be available along with select previews. We aim to send shop update announcements at least one week before the update is live. Occasionally we will also share important news and events through our newsletter, such as workshops, book signings, our annual Studio Open Day and any other shopping opportunities.

Our mailing list is completely private. Your email will not be shared with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Q. I was cartjacked in the update. What can I do to make shopping easier next time?

Unfortunately, cartjacking is a reality of our busy shop updates. Creating a Customer Account allows you to save shipping addresses and payment information (except PayPal) in your account. It’s completely private and speeds up the checkout process significantly.

Placing multiple orders will also speed up checkout. Items can sell out in the time it takes to add second or third options to your cart. By checking out more than once, you can secure your first choice before browsing for more. We always combine multiple orders and send shipping refunds for any extra shipping charges incurred. More information on combining orders below.

We are not able to hide items in your cart from other shoppers, nor are we able to bypass removing sold out items from your cart at checkout.

Q. What is ‘cartjacking’?

Cartjacking happens when two or more people have added the same item to their cart at the same time. Cartjacking is common during shop updates because many people are shopping at the same time. The first person to complete the checkout process with that item in their cart will secure it, while the others may get to checkout only to find that the item is no longer available. It’s frustrating and we’re sorry you have to deal with it.

Q . Do you combine multiple orders?

Yes we do! Feel free to check out as many times as you need to. We will combine all multiple orders placed within 24 hours and post them in the same shipment. There is no need to contact us. After all of the parcels have been taken to the post office, Brittany calculates shipping refunds and sends them to you. Shipping refunds are not automated so please bear with us as the math happens.

Q . I received a shipping notification, but where is my refund?

Each shipping refund is calculated individually, this is not an automated process (see above for more detail). You can expect your shipping refund to be sent up to one week after you receive a shipping notification.

Q . My order is taking longer than I expected. Can you help me track it down?

Unfortunately, if you did not choose the tracked option at checkout, we have no way of helping you track down your late or missing parcel. Very few parcels disappear completely and a 2-3 week wait for some international destinations is not uncommon. We have even seen a parcel take 4 months (but that was extreme). International customers, if your yarn is slow to reach you and you do not have tracking information, it may be worthwhile to contact your local post office. The only way to guarantee that your order will arrive safely is to choose the tracked option at checkout. Canadian parcels are always tracked, so worry not Canadians!

Q . Do you take custom orders?

No, we are not able to dye custom orders. Thank you so much for your interest and requests.

Q . Do you wholesale?

No, we are not able to take on any wholesale accounts at this time.

Q. I’d like to buy a specific colour way. Can you tell me when it will be available again?

This answer is never simple. Viola colourways are always changing and evolving, along with their recipes. Some colourways come and go with the seasons, while others remain tried and true. Others will fall out of use for a year or two only to return with a new adjustment or tweak. When dyeing for shop updates, we gradually build up a palette that will be influenced by weather, landscape, season as well as the colours that are already dyed. There is no plan in place, and the end result is as much of a surprise to us as it might be to you. This keeps our colours interesting, engaging and surprising. It also means that there is no easy answer to the question above. If the colour you’re hoping for does make an appearance, it may be very different from how you have seen it in the past, or it may be exactly what you have in mind. However, a completely new and different colour may catch your eye!

Q . How long does it take to dye a skein of yarn?

I mention Viola’s labour intensive dyeing process quite a lot, but have never gone into any detail about it. Without giving away the trade secrets, I can say that mixing a dyestock is just the beginning of a long and meandering journey of colour contemplation. Through a process of turning the skeins over, inspecting, adjusting and adding colour, each batch of yarn takes around 5 hours of time in the dyepots. To give you a little perspective, each of our 4 dyepots holds ten 100g skeins of yarn. At any given time, at least two of our four dyepots are broken (separate story, but also a factor) which means that we produce about 20 skeins of yarn every 5 hours. That is solely dyeing time and excludes planning, prepping, drying, skeining, labelling and packing.

Q . Can I visit you in Mooresburg to collect my yarn or shop in person?

No. In addition to being a very busy workplace (usually buzzing 7 days a week), the old general store in Mooresburg is also my family home. More often than not it is in a state of disarray, wet yarn strewn about and at least one person rushing back and forth between the dye studio and office. As much as a work break might be welcome, there is much to be done and we keep a tight schedule. Because we work to stock shop updates or fill orders, the yarn on our shelves is already destined for somewhere or someone and providing private or advanced shopping opportunities would not be fair. However, if you are curious about our studio space and the old general store that is Viola HQ, we will open our doors to the world each summer for our Studio Open Day.