At VIOLA, we offer yarn as often as possible in SHOP UPDATES. A specific date and time is announced in advance through our email newsletter and at that time, we’ll add a whole bunch of new yarn to our shop. It can be hectic, both for you shopping and for us behind the scenes. If you’ve ever been curious about what we’re up to, read on. We are always adjusting and improving our process in the hope that it will be clear and simple for you and efficient for us too. Here’s where we are at right now…

update day!

 Once an update goes live, we leave a 24 hour window for shopping before sorting orders. This provides time for people to shop all around the world as well as a window of time for us to respond to queries and fix any bugs that may have appeared. 

Days 2-4

After 24 hours have passed, we sort your orders alphabetically, allowing us to identify everyone who has placed a two or more orders. It takes 2-3 of us about 2 days to pick and check each order individually. During this process we do our best to match skeins in each order (especially if you’ve purchased a garment quantity). Matching skeins often involves digging back through orders we have already picked in search of the best matching skein. Once all the orders have been picked, we go through them all once more, double checking colour and quantity.

At this point, we often discover that some skeins are missing. As mentioned above, our checkout system is not designed to process many orders at the same time and occasionally we find that the same skein has been purchased at exactly the same time...and the inventory simply cannot keep up. When this happens, we will prioritize the order that has the most skeins (e.g. if an order of a garment quantity and another order of a single skein are both missing the same skein, the garment quantity will get the missing skein). We will contact those who ‘lost’ their purchase to arrange either a replacement or a refund, depending on the situation.

day 5

Once we are confident that all orders are correct and intact, we can begin to pack. The shape, size, weight and proportions of each parcel are unique and depend on the variety of yarns in an order. These factors, as well as the destination, determine how an order will be packed. Packing each order is a new puzzle with new variables to consider. It’s a great brain exercise, but far from quick or simple! We take very great care in packing each order, to ensure that they will reach you safely and intact. We are also in the process of transitioning to plastic free packaging. Unfortunately, very little plastic free shipping materials are available in Canada (if you know of any, please let us know!) so whilst we are in plastic limbo, please bear with us. Your order may arrive in recycled materials, but rest assured it will be safe and well packed!

If placing multiple, we ask that you please select the same shipping option each time. When it comes time to process shipping labels, all multiple orders must be consolidated in our shipping software manually. When combining orders with varying shipment options, there is no way to ensure that the option you want appears with your combined orders. We understand that paying for multiple tracked parcels adds up quickly, but there is no other way to ensure your yarn is sent with the shipping option you chose. We work as quickly as possible to send refunds back to you, but must go through all the steps above before we are able to.

days 6-10

Once the last of the parcels have been dropped at the post office, we can sit down to calculate your shipping refunds. Again, this process is not automated. We sift back through your orders to tally up your total charges, compare them to the Canada Post charges and send you the difference. A fee of $8 CAD is applied to all shipping refunds, to offset the labour and time involved in this process.

days 11-12