Thank you for the emails and comments after my last blog post. Not only is it nice to be in touch with you, but it means so much to know that many of you value the work that I am doing. I think it’s important to be as transparent as possible right now because I just can’t help but be emotionally attached to my work. I tend to become swept away in my own grand (and often unattainable) goals and expectations. Often allowing little nagging worries to grow into larger problems because of the unrealistic expectations and pressures I apply to myself. I think it is important to share this truth with you because it is the reason why I will be scaling back in a few areas going forward.

My intention for the future is to be more open and realistic about the amount of work I can reasonably do in a given period of time. Isn’t it strange that something so simple is one of the most difficult things to achieve, and even more difficult to sustain? So I am making a start, and beginning with clear communication both with myself and you, the kind and wonderful people who have supported Viola over the years. I am approaching this large and complicated puzzle, I could also call it a goal, by identifying and tackling one small piece at a time. I am sure that this will be ongoing work, as the search for balance is in all of our lives.

After introducing this idea in my last post, I’ve been considering ways in which I might do less in order to do more quality, fulfilling work. I believe that this process will take some time and experimentation, I doubt I’ll get everything right with the first adjustments I make. I am typing these words while watching another fierce and beautiful winter storm outside my window and feel excited about what the future holds. Hopefully today’s future includes a walk in the fresh snow!


Working on Knits About Winter was an amazing experience which taught me both about my own creative process and reminded me of how rewarding it is to working with a group. Sharing and communicating thoughts, work and abstract ideas was such a valuable experience, as a person who is used to solitary creativity. Working on Knits About Winter also reminded me that I was longing for new and different creative challenges. I have said it before, but it’s worth saying again that the women at Pom Pom Press are brilliantly creative, kind and supportive. Their work comes from an honest and generous place and I am so thankful to have worked together with them over the past…gosh almost two years!

I will continue to share my thoughts and developments as I my journey continues.

And now, for some exciting news…


Mark Saturday, July 27th in your diary because we are already planning our second annual Studio Open Day! We have some really, really exciting things in the works and will be revealing more soon. It feels a bit odd to be planning for summer when the world outside looks like the photo above, but by the time July 27th arrives we’ll all be knitting in the sunshine. So plan to visit us in Mooresburg this summer! Those of you interested in visiting from further afield, we are here to help. We will have more local information available soon, but please feel free to reach out with questions about the area, accommodations, etc. You can always contact us at

Emily xo