shop update tomorrow!

It's been a long time since shop updates were a regular thing. In fact, it's been just over a year since the Viola meets Mooresburg Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded (thank you!) There has been very little normalcy around here since that day and the shop update schedule has suffered for it.

Right now, I am sitting inside the big, bright shop windows of Viola's new Mooresburg home, admiring the fresh snow outside and enjoying endless cups of tea. Every Sunday should be this good! 2016, the year of change, chaos and often times having no idea what was going on, is drawing to a close. My plans for 2017 are ambitious (because I can't help myself) but also focused around settling into a work routine; creating more structure for myself and this business. One aspect of my plan is to offer more reliable shop updates! Without any further rambling, I shall get to the point of this post...telling you more about tomorrow's shop update!


- Monday, December 12th @ 6pm EST -

...tune into the VIOLA etsy shop for a lineup of most of almost all of my favourite yarns! I realize that I say this almost every time, but they are all my favourite!

I've been on a real garment knitting kick recently, probably because the winter has set in and I'm in full blown cozy mode! So I've dyed garment quantities in almost all of these bases and colours. Lots of Mohair Lace and Merino Lace mean great opportunities for double stranding as well.

Hopefully these double stranded projects inspire a little mixing and matching of lace weight yarns - I'm 100% hooked! It doubles (and sometimes even triples) the fun of knitting, allowing for texture and colour combinations on an entirely new level. I also want to add mohair to everything. Just can't help it!

I will end my ramblings here and wish you all a lovely Sunday (or whatever remains of your Sunday) Hope you can tune in tomorrow to see even more double stranding possibilities popping up in the shop!

stay warm xo