where to begin?

I did not intend, or expect to be away from the blog for such a long time. That said, I ALWAYS think I can make/do/accomplish way more than is humanly possible in a given time - so I should have known better!

It's November already, and things are just starting to return to something like normalcy. Life, and certainly work, has been spinning around me for the past couple of years; one major upheaval after the next ever since I returned to Canada from England. I am certainly not complaining, rather, reflecting on a hectic and exciting time from the first moment of stillness I've known since it began.

Winter is slowly setting in here in Mooresburg, and with it, a welcome sense of calm. I'm looking forward to working in my peaceful new studio space, at last tackling half started and half finished projects that have been lingering for far too long. It feels like I'm always saying that I have big plans and new ideas for Viola, and that's the truth! At last, I have the time and space to make some of these ideas happen.

Perhaps it's odd to think of winter as a new beginning, perhaps not. Being an introverted and solitary sort of person, I've always enjoyed the contemplation and space that winter provides. In particular, this winter feels like a fresh start to me because I'm coming to the end of some really big projects; both Kickstarter and the studio build are nearing completion (more on this very soon). Throughout the past year of work on both these projects I have met countless people, both locally and far afield. Kind, skilled, interesting, generous people have cropped up everywhere, showing support and lending hands, tools, knowledge and time. With these two projects still in full swing, I decided to add a third to my already enormous to-do list: a party.

In truth, I'd planned for a party since last September. The idea grew and changed constantly over that time, but was ultimately shaped by a desire to share this creaky old house with friends new and old. My summer flew past arranging for maple donuts, fairy lights, river cocktails and so on, but no amount of planning could have prepared me for the happiness of seeing so many smiling, knitting, dancing people fill this place with life and energy. Friends who traveled from Toronto, Bordeaux, New Orleans, Brighton, the house next door and everywhere in between - thank you for your support and thank you for being there!

With the party over, the energy and excitement it left behind still fills the house. This Mooresburg general store has been around since 1896, a long time by Canadian standards. Many people have lived here, run the shop, post office, organized dances, watched the blacksmith work across the street and logs run down the river to the saw mill, and on and on back in time. It's a place for people to gather, talk and laugh and I think that this house and store was happy to be that gathering place once more.

As is always the case, I intended to take photos of everything and everyone, and in the end was too busy enjoying myself. Most of the photos in this post are from my dear friend Caroline (thank you very much!)

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