Knits About Winter Pre-Orders are live!


I have made a book with the wonderful women of Pom Pom Press! The reality of the situation has yet to sink in for me…I can’t believe that I actually MADE A BOOK. I made a BOOK?! This is probably the reason that I’ve been slow to share news of Knits About Winter (sorry!) I’m in a happy, delirious sort of denial and this beautiful finished book still feels more like a dream than a tangible thing. It’ll hit me sooner or later, and in the mean time I apologize for being so slow to share news of the book, the celebrations, signings, workshops, new colourways, yarns, patterns, ideas and plans for sharing this project with you.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have an all-or-nothing approach to work, especially creative work. Last October, I returned to Mooresburg from a luxurious month of travel in England and France. The year that has passed since then was a blur. It went by in a flash of late night knitting, writing, doodling, scouting the best sections of forest for shooting and shocking tea consumption. I have spent so much time with the contents of Knits About Winter that I feel like the projects, photos and ideas are old friends. I have never been required to keep my work secret for this long, and it was certainly not easy to do so.

At long last, we can begin to share this project with you. I have a hunch that, in doing so, the reality of this achievement will finally sink in.


Not only did I have the privilege of making this book with the Pom Pom team, but one year later I find myself at the beginning of a busy Autumn & Winter of Knits About Winter related travel. Keep an eye on this page for updated information and news about what I’m up to.

The countdown to the big reveal is officially on. If you’d like, you can scoop a copy in advance through my shop, through Pom Pom (here) as well as through a number of wonderful shops who have chosen to stock the book (thank you, thank you ❤️). Preorders will ship out in November, which has always been my favourite month anyway because my birthday is in there somewhere.

Emily xo

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