Viola at Indie Untangled!

In just under two weeks time, Viola will be all set up at the annual Indie Untangled Pre-Rhinebeck Trunk Show! You will be able to find us at booth #2 (just so you can plan your attack accordingly). Tickets to the event have already sold out, so if you are amongst the group of lucky ticket holders, we are seriously looking forward to meeting you and chatting about yarn, Knits About Winter and the excitement of being in Rhinebeck on this momentous weekend! (If you missed out on tickets, don’t fret! We are working on a shop update that will include all of the special new colours and yarns that are featured in Knits About Winter).

Without further adieu, here is just a little sneak peak of some of the yarns we’ll have at the show…


You might already know that some of our yarns, like Mooresburg DK are quite rare and special. I am only able to get handful of skeins at any given time. Knowing this, I planned ahead and have been saving up Mooresburg DK for the past year, if you can believe it?! Even so, I still have a limited quantity available for Indie Untangled, and have chosen to dye it up in the four new colourways that I created for knits about winter, Evergreen, Frozen Earth, Fireside and Silver Birch (pictured above, from left to right). You will be able to read all about these new colours, my inspiration and process for creating them in your copy of Knits About Winter. In the mean time, here’s a little sneak peek!

On Thursday, six jam packed boxes embarked on their journey to Saugerties, NY and will be there waiting for Brit and I to unpack and organize when we arrive in less than two weeks time. I love setting up for shows, its always a thrill to watch months of hard work come together before my eyes. In addition to Mooresburg DK, we are bringing along a huge selection of yarns. You can expect Sock, Sock Minis, Mohair Lace and Polwarth & Alpaca as well as two new yarns, Persephone and Organic Merino DK!

Persephone in it’s many natural shades. We’re dyeing over all of these to create a rich and complex palette!

Persephone in it’s many natural shades. We’re dyeing over all of these to create a rich and complex palette!

Persephone is special for so many reasons. The flock live less than an hour from me in Mooresburg and the rustic yarn they produce has somehow retained the diversity and personality of the sheep that it came from. Persephone is worsted spun at Wellington Fibres (also close-by, in Southern Ontario), making a lustrous and hardy yarn. Ideal for warm and wearable garments. Perhaps my favourite thing about this yarn is it’s practicality. The Persephone flock are primarily raised for meat, but I get great satisfaction from knowing that I am using a resource that is right under my nose and would otherwise go to waste. In a world overflowing with superwash merino, fleeces like these are so often overlooked, but I love the story they tell about this area. Our cold winters require tough and hardy sheep, who, in turn, grow warm and durable wool. I’ve used Persephone for a special pair of mittens in Knits About Winter, so you’ll be seeing more of this yarn very soon. For everyone who can’t make it to the Indie Untangled Trunk show, we have set aside lots of Persephone in the next shop update (TBA) too.

Persephone dyed over white and dark grey natural colours.

Persephone dyed over white and dark grey natural colours.

In addition to Indie Untangled, I will be signing books at the Pom Pom stand during Rhinebeck (October 20 & 21). To tell you the truth, I am still processing the thought of signing books. I can’t believe it! Both Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at the ready with my favourite pen (or marker…I haven’t made up my mind just yet) and looking forward to meeting you! My signing slots for both days are 9-11 am and 2-4 pm so please stop by to say hello.

Emily xo

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