celebrating the good times with MCN Worsted

You may have been wondering where this lovely yarn has gone? It doesn't exist on this page (list of base yarns that we currently dye), and it never has. There are a couple of reasons for this...

Scan 31.jpg

- first, I have always found it difficult to dye. It's dense and heavy texture provides a challenge with even colour distribution, plus it's darn heavy when it's wet!

- second, I am sad to say, that it arrives at my door with a long list of problems. From late and incorrect delivery to serious flaws and spinning irregularities. I now sift through each skein for nasty slubs and excessive knots that I don't want to pass on to a customer before I even begin the work of dyeing. Often, these flaws can only be identified after dyeing, wasting time and materials. This host of complications seriously slows us down and increases our costs.

- third, I have had similar problems with a few other yarns from this source and have decided to retire all of them at the same time. 

These yarns will be missed, they were lovely. 

We're hoping this decision will open up space for some new yarns in our repertoire, and already have a few ideas brewing...

In the meantime, we have decided to celebrate the good times with MCN Worsted, BFL 4 ply and Merino Lace with a sale! RIP

...and so, at our Studio Open Day and in the soon-to-be-announced shop update, these three yarns will be 10% off!!

You won't see them again after this!

P.S. Don't worry if you're waiting for the shop update (we're going to make sure there's lots of yarn left for you)