Studio Open Day Previews...

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Saturday is fast approaching, and Viola HQ currently looks like a tornado just went through...if tornados gently deposited colourful yarn on all surfaces. Honestly, all stationary objects are covered in yarn right now. It's both wonderful and slightly overwhelming, but we'll pull it all together for the big day (and have lots of fun in the process!)

After a summer of heat, sun and drought, Grey County is experiencing its first overcast and rainy week. Coinciding with the time I set aside to take photos for yarn previews. Most of the yarn to be photographed is still (slowly) drying in this damp weather, so I have prepared some non-traditional yarn previews for you. I'm also including a good dose of behind the scenes and preparation shots because I love to look back at the chaos of set up after everything comes together. Seriously though, you won't believe how much yarn is in our little shop right now!

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For your planning and preparing ease, here is a complete list of the bases that will be available on Saturday and their prices...

MCN Worsted (reg: $32 SALE: $28.80) / BFL 4Ply (reg: $25 SALE: $22.5) / Merino Lace (reg: $35 SALE $31.5) / Mohair Lace ($32) / Merino Fingering ($30) / Sock ($33) / Sock Minis ($9) through the links to find put up, descriptions and any other info you might need. As you might have already heard, MCN Worsted, BFL 4 ply & Merino Lace are being discontinued, so Saturday's Open Day and the shop update that will follow are the last times you'll be able to purchase these yarns. We're celebrating the good times by offering these three bases at 10% off. You can find their original prices and sale prices both listed above. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. 

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I am also really excited to share these beautiful creations! I'll admit, I had no idea what they were when my friend, Hans Peter brought them over to show me. He explained that they are inspired by traditional knitting sheaths (click through this link for a little more history and info). Hans Peter has been working with wood for most of his life, from the Mountains of Switzerland to our little corner of Grey County. He has kindly refurbished an antique skein winder, spinning wheel and loom for me, making all new wooden parts by hand. He's talented. The intricate designs he carved into these sheaths seem to flow from his hands - he doesn't even need to use pencil lines! 

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knitting needle goes in there...

knitting needle goes in there...

I am so thankful to have met Hans Peter and his wife, Maryann shortly after moving to Mooresburg. They are expert weavers, spinners, dyers and farmers (currently have baby alpaca scampering about their farm!) as well as being kind, creative and wise human beings. Each sheath is one of a kind, and it's own little work of art. 

I'll have a small selection of knitting sheaths available at the Open Day this Saturday!

Hope to see you Saturday! 

Emily xo