2019 Studio Open Day: Planning your trip Part 1


At last, spring has arrived in Mooresburg! After a few false starts, some unexpected frost and snowfall, the world around us is waking up. Through our big store windows we have watched trees come into bud, songbirds return and fresh shoots emerge from the ground. Knowing that the very same awakening is happening in ourselves, the urge to breathe the warm, fresh air and prepare for the busy season ahead has taken over. Here at Viola HQ we are looking forward to our second annual Studio Open Day when we will tidy up the work chaos and open our doors to you! If you can, please visit us on Saturday July 27th for an opportunity to see the studio, shop Viola yarns in person and enjoy beautiful Mooresburg when it is most alive. We have some exciting surprises up our sleeve as well, this year is not to be missed!

If you’re planning to join us for the Open Day, you may also be considering places to stay in the area. Knits About Winter depicts this little hamlet as it is in winter, but summer holds an entirely different beauty, and makes for much easier driving! There is so much to experience in our little part of Ontario - from lakes, waterfalls and hiking trails to museums, fresh local food, galleries and farmers markets. You may decide to turn your Mooresburg visit into a proper holiday. Whether you are traveling from nearby Toronto or from further afield, this blog post is here to help you choose a place to stay. Information on our favourite things to do and spots to visit is on the way, but accommodation feels like the right place to start…

Viola HQ is surrounded by fields and forest and sits amongst a small cluster of other homes. It scores high for remote beauty, but a bit lower if searching for a hotel. Driving anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in any direction from Mooresburg will bring you to towns, villages and even a small city, each with something to offer.

Owen Sound: Is about a 30 minute drive north of Mooresburg and is the largest near-by destination. Here you’ll find some basic hotels and motels including Best Western, Travelodge and Comfort Inn as well as many more and varied options on Air B and B. Owen Sound is centrally located between us in Mooresburg and Tobermory as well as Colingwood and Port Elgin & Southampton (see below) areas. Each are great spots to visit if you are planning to stay in the area for a few days and have the time to explore.

In Owen Sound, you will also find a selection of restaurants, breweries, shopping (a knitting store!), live music, waterfall access, public parks and more. We will have much more about these spots in our upcoming post.

Hanover: Is the next largest destination and about a 25 minute drive south of Mooresburg. It has a drive in cinema, cheese shop, Macleans Brewery as well as selection of basic hotels. Nearby to Hanover is the charming village of Neustadt which offers yet more options on Air B and B as well as great antique shops and an historic brewery that is still in use! Yes we do like beer.

Port Elgin & Southampton: These two neighbouring towns are around a 40 minute drive from Mooresburg and situated on the shore of Lake Huron. Their beautiful beaches and swimming opportunities make them popular tourist destinations. In either town, you will be able to find quaint lake-side holiday cottages, bed and breakfast, Air B and B and self catering options. The summer season is very busy in these towns, and accommodation will likely be more costly, but the lake is truly beautiful and worth it if you love swimming as much as Emily does.

Camping and the like: If you enjoy the outdoors and aren’t so fussy about electricity you’ll find more options closer to us in Mooresburg. About 10 minutes down the road is a campground in Crawford where you can rent a little cabin and listen to the river at night. Crawford also has a good selection of ice cream as well as fish and chips which we believe are two important summer time things. Air B and B also turns up a nice selection of camping, glamping and cabin dwelling places to kip in the Mooresburg area, including one tiny cabin just down the road from us!

When planning your transport please note that Viola HQ is in a remote location. No busses or trains will carry you here and there is no taxi service in the area. Driving is a must and car-pooling is the best. Rent a car at Pearson Airport if you’re flying into Toronto or plan a road trip with friends, the drive up from Pearson is quick and easy.

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Our address for planning and travel purposes is …


Side Road 8, RR 1

Desboro, ON

N0H 1K0


It is also helpful to be aware that there are a couple of other Mooresburgs in the US, so please don’t find yourself searching for hotels in Tennessee or Pennsylvania. As always, if you have any questions, or require more information to plan your travels please reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you plan your stay here, wherever you might be travelling from.

Any queries? Please contact us at hello@violaandthemoon.com

As promised, our ‘Knitter’s Guide to Mooresburg and Beyond’ is coming soon and contains our favourite places to eat and things to do in Grey Bruce. It is a beautiful part of Ontario and we are so excited to be sharing it with you!

Emily xo

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